Forging workshop

During this workshop, the inspired blacksmith Andy ten Broek will teach you the basics of forging. Throughout this workshop, you will be working on your own project which you can take home afterwards.

Andy ten Broek: As an artist, I have worked with steal for years and I owned a forge in Deventer where I created a great variety of workpieces from metal. As blacksmith I have created fences, knives, swords and chandeliers. I would like to share my passion for fire and steal with others, which is why I enjoy giving these workshops and show them that forging is actually not difficult. I would like to take you on the journey inside the world of fire and steal.

krullen bij het vuur

During the workshop we will fabricate a piece of steal into an object. You can choose from several different designs. Andy will explain you everything necessary about the reaction of the steal and guide you towards the end result. Due to the limited time frame, it is only possible to create one project and take this one home after the workshop.

gesmede krul