Madame M’M – about me

Every day I wake up with a new idea. I love the never-ending variation of fixed elements. Currently, I am filling the environment around me with nothing more than holiday feelings.

For me, going on holiday always contained of going camping. The freedom of going wherever you want. The feeling and the smell of the evening falling in nature, the sky filled with stars at night, the sound of the birds. Since a couple of years, we are living in the Achterhoek in this incredible place. This is a place for the travellers. Every day, I still have a holiday feeling. This feeling and this place, I would like to share with others.

This environment around you creates the possibility open your mind and think bigger. Hence, the reason that I have worked out a few of my ideas which specifically suit this place. The spaces we rent out are spaces providing you with an outdoor holiday feeling, but with a different vibe (you do not need to go to the toilet with a roll of toilet hidden in your trousers).

Cold Air – Dark Night – Warm Fire – Bright Stars


Miriam Koopman