Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
Madame M’M
Version 1.0 – October 2020

The term Madame M’M is the term for all accommodations belonging to Madame M’M

B&B: Bed and Breakfast.
Guest: A person who booked and stays at Madame M’M and is registered in this way. 
Main Guest: The person who booked at Madame M’M. The main guest needs to be 18 years or older and is responsible for his/her fellow guests.
Administrator: The owner of Madame M’M or the person who is managing the company on behalf of the owner of Madame M’M.
Third parties: Every other person who is not a guest, administrator or owner.
Booking: A confirmation of the booking request by Madame M’M.
Cancellation: The  withdrawal or cancellation of the  final booking within the established time frame or a no-show during the original booking.

1.      Madame M’M
1.1    The accommodations are described on the website www.madamemm.nl. This website is created with care, but the text and pictures visualised on the website can differ from the current situation in Madame M’M during the stay of the guest(s). No rights can be derived by guests from said differences.
1.2    The minimum stay in the accommodations is one night. In holiday periods and/or in summer months the minimum stay may differentiate from the mentioned minimum.
1.3    The accommodations are 24 hours per day accessible. The accommodations have their own individual lockable entrance.
1.4    The hours of rest are between 22.00 hour and 08.00 hour.  
1.5    Smoking is prohibited inside the rooms or anywhere in the accommodations. Smoking outside is allowed.
1.6    Pets of guests are prohibited in/around the B&B, except when deviations are agreed upon by the administrator beforehand.
1.7    The rooms are suitable for one or two persons, except when deviations are agreed upon by the administrator beforehand.
1.8    Check-in is possible from 16:00 to 22:00 hour, check-out is 12:00 at the latest. Later check-in times may be possible when discussed with administrator.
1.9   Guests can park their car on the designated parking spaces at Madame M’M. Parking is the guests’ own risk.
1.10 Guests have to have a permanent residence.
1.11 Guests have to follow the instructions of the administrators.
1.12 Whenever guests violate the terms and conditions and/or house rules or show inappropriate behaviour, the administrators can deny access to Madame M’M immediately, without further notice or reasoning and without refund of the accommodation costs.
1.13 Guests of Madame M’M have to adhere to the house rules which are presented online upon their booking.
1.14 Madame M’M is registered with the number 72099259 at Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (in Dutch: Kamer van Koophandel).

2.0    Rates
2.1    The rates are including gas, water, electricity and heating. The rates are including VAT and tourist tax.
2.2    The rates are excluding the costs of a cancellation and/or travel insurance and/or other costs.
2.3.   The rates of Madame M’M are a subject of change and interim changes may occur.
2.4    All entries on the website of Madame M’M (www.madamemm.nl) are considered to have been provided in good faith and may be a subject to change. The B&B is not bound to discovered mistakes on the website.

3.0    Booking and Payment
3.1    Booking is only possible online through www.madememm.nl or through www.airbnb.com.
3.2    The booking is only final after the payment of the reservation invoice from Airbnb or payment request by Madame M’M.
3.3     The booking is only final when the invoice or payment request is completed.

4.0    Cancellation
4.1    Cancellation is free of charge until 2 weeks prior of the arrival date.

4.2    With cancellations less than 2 weeks before the arrival date, the guest will be requested to choose an alternative date. In this case, no refund will be required.
4.3    When there is a cancellation after arrival or in case of an early departure, the full stay (confirmed invoice amount) will be charged. 
4.4    Cancellations can only be communicated in writing using the email address welkom@madamemm.nl.
4.5    Madame M’M has the right to dismiss the prior confirmed booking more than 2 days before the arrival date without stating reasons. The already payed deposits will be refunded to the main guest without extra costs.

5.0     Damage
5.1    The guest needs to behave properly and use the B&B accommodation as instructed by the owner or administrator.
5.2    The main guest is legally liable for the damage in the B&B accommodation or items present, caused by him/her or his/her fellow guests.
5.3    Cases of misconduct (damage, loss, missing and/or theft) need to be reported directly to the owner or administrator by the guest. Costs for reparation or replacement need to be reimbursed immediately by the guests to the owner or administrator upon first request.
5.4    In cases of lost or not returned keys from the B&B, all costs related to replacing keys or locks will be charged to the main guest. The main guest is obligated to complete the requested payment within 14 days after the invoice has been send.
5.5   In cases of not returned keys upon check-out, the main guest is obligated to mail the keys within 2 working days addressed to the owner of the B&B.

6.0    Complaints
6.1    The guest has the right to express dissatisfaction through complaints to the B&B. The B&B needs to treat the complaint adequately and with urgency, thus the complaint will be handled with a degree of reasonability and fairness.

7.0    Force Majeure
7.1    In cases of force majeure, in temporarily or permanent situations, Madame M’M has the right to terminate the agreement partially or completely, without the guest being entitled to compliance and/or compensation.  Force majeure includes, but is not limited to, the following examples: threat of war, war, rebellion, molest, strikes, boycott, faults in the energy circuit, in traffic or transport, government measures, scarcity of raw materials, natural disasters and following circumstances, extraordinary weather conditions, passing away of one of the owners or close relatives e.g. causing it to be unreasonable and unfair for Madame M’M to offer complete and/or partial compliance.

7.2    Treehouse Goldsworthy, one of our accomodations, is a treehouse, an accommodation sensitive for weather conditions. Whenever Madame M’M indicates that it is irresponsible for the guest to stay in the treehouse, the two parties will discuss an alternative date. Madame M’M will also advise the guest what to do during turbulent weather (thunderstorm, hail, strong wind), therefore the guests are expected to follow these instructions.

8.0    Liability
8.1    Madame M’M is not liable for damage from guests or third parties in the accommodations; the guest indemnifies the Madame M’M against any claims in this regard. Madame M’M is not liable for malfunctions in and around the accommodations, such as disruptions and failure of power and water supplies and technical installations, not or untimely announced construction and/or road works in the proximity of the B&B.
8.2     Madame M’M is only liable for damage caused by obvious fault or negligence by Madame M’M.
8.3    Without prejudice to the provisions of 8.1 and 8.2, the liability of Madame M’M, if Madame M’M is legally liable for any reason with regard to the user agreement, Madame M’M will always be limited to direct damage and any form of consequential damage is excluded. The liability of Madame M’M is furthermore always limited to the maximum amount that Madame M’M’s insurer will pay out in such a case.
8.4    Madame M’M does not accept any liability for injuries from persons and/or damage, loss or theft of belongings from the guests.

9    Final Provision
9.1 Insofar as not stipulated otherwise in rules of private international law, only Dutch law applies to these terms and conditions. Non-Dutch-speaking guests are deemed to agree with the general terms and conditions composed in Dutch.
9.2 All disputes arising from the user agreement or these terms and conditions will in the first instance be settled by the qualified court in the Netherlands, insofar as the rules of private international law do not provide otherwise.
9.3 None of the parties can handover its rights and obligations to third parties unless otherwise specified in presented terms and conditions.
9.4 If any provision in the user agreement and these terms and conditions proves to be invalid, the other terms and conditions will remain in force and the invalid article will be deemed to have been converted in such a way that it is brought into conformity with the apparent intentions of the parties.