Treehouse Goldsworthy

Treehouse Goldsworthy: a cocon in an old oaktree
Treehouse Goldsworthy outside

If you stay the night in a tree, you will experience the treelife for a moment. You feel the rhythm of day and night in nature quite strongly. You sense the feeling that you come to rest if you move according to this rhythm. You notice for instance the birds who start the day and the birds who start the night.

You see the bigger form of the landscape from a higher perspective. You have the possibility to see the world a bit differently, just from above. Sleeping in a tree, quite literally between the branches, is an extraordinary experience.

You have the intense feeling of being connected with nature, hearing the horses on the land, the birds in their daily habitat.


Andy wanted to build a treehouse his whole life, a big one where you could actually live in..

When he was a child, he was already interested in building treehouses and this passion actually always stayed with him. It was a dream to ever build a treehouse for himself. Owning a treehouse might be something which exists on your bucket list, something which patiently awaits the moment you start executing the listed items one by one.

The outlining with the transparent roof.

No miniatures for Andy

Andy, as an artist, is not someone who is interested in small projects. Preferably he builds things as big as possible. This included building a 15-meter-long horn, to take with him on holiday to Ireland. This horn can also be admired on our property.

Rijnhoorn op locatie

The existence of a framework stimulates our creativity.

If you have this kind of dreams, like building a treehouse, you might be tempted to wait until the circumstances are just right. Maybe if I have enough money, if I have enough time, I will be able to do it. Of course, we were thinking this way as well. We wanted the perfect circumstances. The perfect land for a treehouse, perfect climate etc. But there was one thing we learned since we live here. In this environment we have here, we discovered that the existence of a framework stimulated our creativity.

Because the circumstances were not completely perfect, we were incredibly exited to start building the treehouse.

Treehouse Goldsworthy is completely designed and built by Andy. The treehouse design of a cocoon in the tree is unique. He single-handedly built the exterior of the treehouse within two months. Every step is thought through by himself, worked out, tested, made, adjusted. The treehouse is not screwed to the tree, but it contains of a construction with straps and chains to the tree.

detail of construction

Goldsworthy’s work involves the travelling human and the people in his environment in his work.

The treehouse has been named Goldsworthy as a tribute to the landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy, who is and will always be a source of inspiration.

The working, alone in nature. With the nature. It is the kind of search where you stretch out the used elements. As well as your willpower and stamina. This is the resemblance I see between the two artists.

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